July 5, 2010

Sketching the city

Another quick sketch in the park not far from my house.
The weather is so good, so warm and sunny and midsummer-ly, that you start smiling uncontrollably, enjoying the moment of here and now ( I need urgently to study Photoshop, these bluish whites drive me crazy :-)).

My everyday activity in Moscow photoblog provides a lot of photos, many of them are not "show your city" format but very much more "personal tunes stuff". So I will try to post them here, maybe you will be interested.

This one was taken in the convent, I planned it as a good model for sketching, if I only had the time...


  1. Great sketch! I would like to take a walk in this park.

    I like the idea of showing a personal side of the city with your photography.

  2. Love the sketch. That looks like such a beautiful spot. You have some really lovely areas to sketch in.

  3. This type of houses are common in Indian villahes where a small wall is built outside the main door for people to sit!
    I loved your sketch a lot, the reflection work is perfect!

  4. irina,
    beautiful picture and beautiful photograph...

  5. Thank you, girls!
    Candy, great support, thank you!
    Manon, the summer inspires.
    Padmaja, the photo is composed to be sketched :-))
    Sethu, thank you!

  6. I'm loving your combos of sketch + photography, keep them comming Irina!

  7. Beautiful and lovely sketch irina !!Great work !Thanks for sharing !!


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