August 29, 2010


I have read today in "Making a Mark" blog (link) the bright idea of  Hugh MacLeod explaining the reasons of other artists read your blog.
Read him (link), he is so right. At least the idea to read/watch  blogs as a source of inspiration works great with me.

I had great painting plans for this Sunday, but finished with quick sketch of  the flowers on the kitchen table.
Started it with water-soluble graphite pencil, but it turned out not as soluble as expected. Then added watercolor pencils, which explains grey tint appeared after mixing. It is small, will work as bookmark.
Wish you nice week ahead!


  1. Hugh makes a lot of sense. When I go to blogs that have long stories I find that my mind starts to wander and it can't hold my attention. I agree that people want to read about something that inspires them even if it's an art technique. Thanks for posting this.

    Love your piece...btw!!

  2. I agree. I'm going to reread this periodically to remind me about being myself on my blog. Thanks!

  3. Yes, makes a lot of sense to me:-)Being deeply in to reiki, I get the energy of the person through their thoughts and I make a choice likewise. Irina, this is a lovely composition, considering that it is a miniature. I would punch a hole at the top corner and tie a nice ribbon to complete the book mark :-)

  4. Hi Irina.

    Your paintings always give me such a boost - like a strong cup of coffee and sunshine! Thank you.

  5. Very cool! Thanks for sharing the link Irina!

  6. Manon, I think the texts must be inspirational (as yours posts do). That's the key to the success with readers. Any blog, art blog also.
    Pam, it is interesting how everyone sees another layer of this idea, most close to him.)
    Padmaja, thank you!
    Gaijin, thank you and welcome!
    Suzanne, welcome and thank you for visiting.


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