August 17, 2010

Figure Drawing

Well, it is me. From the photo of 2007 in Geirangerfjord, Norway, one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.
I am much slender in the sketch. Good method to fight weight :-).

I wanted to try to paint the bright sunlight and to see how it works on colors and shadows and whites.
Overworked. I need more practice.
The chair is perfect.

My azalea is in bloom. All winter I was fighting for its life: more water - less water, in the sun - in the shadow, new soil, new fertilizing, sprinkling. It did not take me seriously and was losing its leaves from time to time, showing that I was bad, bad gardener. Flowers? - Forget it, baby.
 Then, in July, I left it for two weeks in dark room, no watering, no fresh air, no sprinkle. Just side by side with huge plastic bowl of water. The flower took it seriously. It does not want to die. It started appreciate my efforts. Now the flowers are all over the body and the ton is on the way. Very human behavior.
I am planning to emigrate it to the bathroom.


  1. Irina.

    That's a pretty mean look you have in your self-portrait. It makes me feel a little sorry for the azalea.

  2. I think you caught the light in your sketch quite nicely. The azalea is gorgeous!

  3. Irina.. the portrait has turned out pretty cool,, loved the shadows on the table. And there is a lesson to learn from your Azalea..dont give up, there is always a hope :-)

  4. Gaijin, I am at that level of the mastership when the face expression does not depend on the artists' brush moves, everything is accidental :-))) But azalea shouldn't relax, I mean it.
    Candy, thank you. I anticipate with pleasure so many future experiments with light and shadow...
    Padmaja, thank you, you are so kind.


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