August 15, 2010

Flower Drawing

 The technique taken from Janet Rogers's workshop and I am happy with the result.
This studies I also did keeping in mind Janet's instructions.

Today the city again is covered with smog and fire smokes, almost no oxygen in the air and it causes little waves of panic and fear in me. My poor little planet.


  1. I liked the technique you used here Irina,the single flower is a beautiful expression, keep it up!

  2. The paintings are really beautiful !!I loved them !!Thanks for comment on Unseen Rajasthan !!

  3. Hi Irina.

    Your blog is a beautiful oasis.

  4. Wish I could blow some of the rain clouds we have here in the UK in your direction.

  5. Lovely flowers. They are one of my favorite subjects these days. Your paintings are so fresh looking!

  6. Padmaja, thank you that workshop really made my hand feel free.
    Bharat, thank you for the comment from beautiful Rajastan
    Gaijin, thank you!
    Julie, soon we all turn our heads to yellows and reds of the nature :-)) Thank you!


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