August 10, 2010

Photographers' blogs

City Daily Photo site is founded by Eric Tenin, as the place where photographers share their every day photos of the places they live in. I joined the group with Moscow Daily Photo October 2009 and it was so very right move.
We make friends, improve photo skills, watch and read about the life around the planet. And the photos I see inspire me for painting. Just some switch in my head or heart turns on and I realize in millisecond - that's it, I need to sketch it. The artists know the feeling.

This sketch, (A5, watercolor and watercolor pencils) is inspired by Mo's photo of St Pancras station in London (blog Fresh Eyes on London )

And this one (A5, watercolor and ink pen) by Paulo's photo of pink tree in Funchal, capital of magic Madeira (blog Funchal Daily Photo).
Thank you, daily photographers.

1 comment:

  1. Loved the first one for its details..a lot of patience seen there.. the second for its unusual angle.. nice work Irina, glad that you got some lovely references!


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