August 18, 2010

Sketching the city

Today I was sketching the Krymsky bridge in the center of the city. And added color at home, as it was too hot and stifle to sit outdoors for long.
One time the bridge was popular among the suicides, so the authorities put extra rails and fence along the passageways.

The flower to be from parent's garden, in June. The ants here yet do not know, that it would be long, dry, hot and smoky summer ahead...


  1. Irina, amazing that you completed the sketch on site, it is quite a tough subject.. lovely, lovely!

  2. You've painted the bridge beautifully, Irina.
    It's been hot and smokey here in British Columbia, as well, but things are finally cooling off. Hope it's less stifling in Moscow soon too!

  3. Maria, thank you!
    Padmaja, it much more juicy to sketch on site, but hard to find time for that usually.
    Charlene, I have just realized there were great fires at Canada too, I am so sorry and glad they are over.

  4. I like very much your sketches, Irina... may I ask what pens do you use? It's a good idea drawing on site and colouring at home, an idea to use when the weather is too hot, too cold, or when we have not enough time (for me, when I'm on travel with my family!)! Ciao!

  5. Fantastic,Beautiful and lovely sketches !!Really amazing !!


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