August 27, 2010


I do not want to look boring but yes, I can draw green-blue-yellow non-stop. My favorite colors of the summer. When I finished this piece in my sketchbook, I was so happy with it, overwhelmed with my so strong talent.
When the admiration calmed down, I remembered the comment of my friend (she is psychologist) that when people draw trees they mostly draw the self-portrait. Shape, color and quality of roots, trunk, branches can give a ton of info about the author to the pro in psychology.
What shall she read in my sketch? That I definitely need to change the hairdo.

So I did this pencil sketch. Hoped that this time the crown will look OK. Fat chance. No head at all.

And now, after posting, I look at this tree trunk and see similarity to famous "Titanic" shot.

Interesting, how my friend will interpret...


  1. I love the idea of the trees as self-portraits! I will look more carefully at your trees from now on.

  2. You did a lovely job Irina, if my psychology is right, from your trees I can say, you are a strong person, perfectionist,disciplined, romantic and fun loving!Now,dont say I am wrong :-)

  3. Pam, they will reveal all my secrets...
    Padmaja, you are so right. You read me like you read a book.


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