August 6, 2010

The Vacation 5

The next two days of my workshop were more and more creative and inspirational. As if the ability and need to paint was growing every day and reached the maximum in the end.

This lady. When I brought the portrait back to the hotel on a last day, I adjusted it standing and was walking around and looking at her attentively and surprised. Was it me who did this painting??? It was Janet's and Steve's efforts and great result. Besides, it was Janet's hand helped me to draw the face parts in the right places, which explains a lot :-))
But I have to be logical, not over-emotional here...

First we draw the model, from photo, pencil in hand, eyes on the photo, result is funny but very complimented by Janet.  I was pleased. 
We started painting with monochrome portrait sketch, to feel the light and shadow, the value.

Then we had 2 ten minutes figure studies with live model (Thank you, Moe! and sorry, you are so nice and beautiful in comparison with...) to feel the shapes and warms/cools.

Sooo interesting!

Janet during her miracle work

This flower is my attempt to copy Janet's manner of drawing flowers (I have not been to her flowers' workshop. But I looked at her results and was so inspired).

By the end of the day 3 all our group had a dinner in cozy Italian restaurant.

And by the end of the day 4 I was so sorry that the workshop finished, sorry to leave the group and the place, my new friends, my new experience.

And few more photos of this lovely welcoming place, Cuyahoga Falls and Cuyahoga Valley.


  1. Thank you again for sharing your experiences! Your paintings are really reflecting a greater comfort with the medium now. :-) AND using brighter, bolder colors! Wooohoooo! Keep up the good work!

    Ken B.

  2. I think you gained a lot with water colors you probably rediscovered the hidden talent..I loved the flower, a whiff a freshness..hope to see more of your water colors soon..


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