August 8, 2010

The Vacation 7

This is my last post about my vacation to the USA. And I will add a conclusion. This is serious literature after all.

On Sunday we had a picnic in Prospekt park, Brooklyn. We grilled meat and vegetables, ate refreshing watermelon. It was rather hot and sticky, so the park took care of our group - it started strong raining, temperature dropped and fresh air arrived from nowhere. 

Reflections on the pond

Our place under the huge tree was protected from rain and wind.

And I realized again (so many times during this trip) that the world, Universe, nature (whatever you call it) was welcoming and kind to me.

On Monday, my last day in the States, I did shopping. First to Dick Blick, to add some brushes and sketchbooks to my dream-box. Then to girls' paradises in Manhattan.

This dress is soo great... But I am sitting at home, locked by weather conditions (I do not want to write about this stuff any more), and can not show it to the city :-))).


  1. How nice is it to record every day of your vacation with your own sketch,,you made it so meaningful for yourself! Loved that dress.. sure time will fly and soon you will be showing it off :-)

  2. With living in the "country" I have to order art supplies through the internet. I am SO jealous that you were able to visit the stores and see and handle all of the "STUFF"! Maybe you'll model your dress for us????????? :;-)

    Ken B.

  3. It was wonderful to read that you realized many times during your trip that the world was welcoming and kind to you. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us.

  4. Padmaja, the other advantage of sketching is the memory of the place and mood when I was sketching.
    Jan, thank you!
    Ken, there are 4 big art shops in Moscow and I love browsing in them so much. Great idea about the dress :-))
    Candy, I am glad to share my positive memories with you.

  5. awww.. my boyfriend and i went to a park one time and painted. This is just a relaxing thing to do!

  6. I've noticed that you have several photographs and pictures of paths through trees in your blog. I love them. I'm thinking that your friend the who interprets people through the trees they draw might have something to say about that! Maybe it means you (and I) want to enjoy the journeys of life as much as the ending points...

  7. Helen, I like road. Moving, knowing new places and people is my biggest pleasure. Great you figured out my inclinations so easily and I agree about the journeys of our lives.))


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