August 2, 2010

The Vacations 1

Few days ago I returned from my trip to the USA. I was planning to write a detailed report about this wonderful experience. And even wrote the draft.  But looks like it is too boring and I am far from a storyteller-novelist, so I chose to show my sketches and tell short stories. If anybody is interested, I will maybe go into details.
Meanwhile, my first sketch. It reminds me the day of my departure. I was half way to the airport when realized that I forgot my drivers license (I planned to do a lot of driving in the States). The taxi drove me back home, then returned to the airport, when I was 100% sure I would miss my flight.
The flight was 4 hours delayed.
And yes, I had time to draw the bar counter in the airport.

And I had 10 hours more during the flight to draw the next sketch, Provence landscape.

I landed in New York JFK and next day I was walking Manhattan.
Manhattan. This island is a high voltage battery. I do not know how it works, but it gives you energy to run all around the place with no rest.
I have a Manhattan travel guide with me. And I wander around, looking into my book at times. I have never been strong in the tourism business: I can not listen to the guide for more then 5 minutes, I never remember the dates and dimensions of monuments, group walking makes me crazy as bird, locked in a cage.

I do it differently. Listening. Watching. Breathing. Manhattan is amazing. It smells of expensive perfume, cars exhausts, sausages, Chinese and Indian spices, green trees, wind, ocean, its flavor is unique. Sounds ... Horns of nervous taxi drivers, subway noise, conversations in all languages of the world, music from the parks, laughter and cameras clicks. 

This well-organized chaos fascinates me, and I keep walking, forgetting to eat and relax and return to my place when it is already dark, ready to walk and walk and walk non stop...


  1. Great sketches and photos. You made good use of your travel/wait time! Jim and I have never been to New York, but it's on our list of places we will travel. It sounds very exciting. I'm looking forward to your next vacation post. Don't think twice about boring your readers. You could never be boring!

  2. Loved your departure sketches. Glad the plane was delayed!! I'm looking forward to all your sketches from the US!!

  3. I am just as much a tourist when in NYC as you, Irina! Smart idea to have a guide.

    Great to see these pictures.

  4. Hi Irina! Hello and goodbye! :-) Your trip sounds like air travel 2010 for sure. LATE, LATE, and LATER. Enjoy reading your impressions and seeing your photos/sketches. Really happy that you're "back"!

    Ken B.

  5. Irina, I cant stop wondering about your upbeat attitude.. going back home and rushing off to the airport and doing a sketch, oh my,, I love this energy.. result is obvious.. very lively and lovely sketches! I look forward to trip details.. nice to know about different perceptions, isnt it?

  6. Hi Irina!
    Nice to see your pictures again and to know about your trip. Expecting the II part!!. Also like the look of your blog, so refreshing .

  7. Beautiful shots and beautiful painting !!GReat !!

  8. Candy, thank you. Visit it! I was completely relaxed vacationing when suddenly started thinking about my job and clients.The energy-city just pushed me into the work mood:-))
    Manon, thank you! This trip was inspiring me so much!
    Casey, I am glad you are reading!
    Ken, thank you! I have your painting and I will write about it separately!
    Padmaja, thank you, I am glad you are interested.
    Silvia, thank you!!!
    Thank you, Bharat!


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