August 4, 2010

The Vacations 2

I am so glad to read your kind comments, they inspire me to move on without delay, thank you so much!

My next day in Manhattan. Long walks in Central park,

attempt for Guggenheim museum (closed that day), MoMA 5th floor, which gave me the joy of Picasso, Shagall, Kandinsky, van Gogh.
And my personal heaven - art shops. Dick Blick, Utrecht, Lee's art shop, etc. The tourist map of my own:

If somebody told me, let's say 15 years ago, that I would be happy when get the water-brush and would stroke it uncontrollably - he was crazy, right? :-)))
By the end of the day I urgently needed the spare pair of legs and decided to sit and pause in Madison Square park. I spotted the street lamp and started sketching it.

Ten minutes later the free jazz concert began and I saw it as a sign. This city welcomes me.


  1. Isnt it an amazing moment to hear music soon after you enter the park.. as if some one is welcoming you..I can relate to that moment:-)
    You did quite a lot of details in this sketch.. the mesh along the path for example,,I would not have noticed it!

  2. Padmaja, thank you! I was listening to music, enjoying drawing, the weather was fine, so details came out freely :-).


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