September 22, 2010

Figure Drawing

Watercolor, A5

The interest to subject of drawing changes during the route of learning. At the beginning I am puzzled how to draw clouds (not that I lost this interest, just get some basics and the sky drawing is not a hard challenge anymore), then trees, sea waves, how to draw rain? fog? buildings?
The theme of portraits and human figures drawing looks very far and very impossible. And then you realize that this theme is the most interesting and intriguing, that figures are shapes, faces are shadows and you need practice, practice, practice and some arrogance to show your scraps to the friends.

The boy above is based on photo, I did several attempts to catch the proportions right, but head is still a problem. The monsters on the right are my 30sec exercises from (link). I highly recommend this site as the training source. And I promise not to post more monsters until they look rather appropriate)).

I was watching (at last!) the Oscar winner "Brokeback Mountain" while working on the upper sketch. You know what, it is just a love story, nothing more. I love you, you love me, but the life conditions are against our love. I saw thousands of such stories and several were much stronger and tense ("The Piano", "Maria's lovers", "In the mood for love"..). Oscar is ideological prize this time, I think.


  1. You've done a great job on this figure - the action of running, the grounding of the shadow underneath, everything works well. You're not happy with the head but it works well - just enough detail and not too much. Wish I could do as well! I was moved by Brokeback Mountain due to the understated, almost repressed style of acting by Heath Ledger. The last scenes did make me cry. Of course, The Piano is a wonderful story and full of the same repression and longing.

  2. Thank you, Rhonda! Yes the film wins 100% by Ledger's acting.


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