September 12, 2010

How to draw a cello

In my Moscow blog I posted the photo-report about the concert I visited few days ago. Today I post here my drawing report.

They have started the first notes of Beethoven's concert for piano, violin and cello and I started my sketch. It was greatest pleasure to combine drawing and music listening. Color added at home.

I learned how to draw musician with cello, how to draw the bald head. The conductor was too active, was not about to sit to be drawn, so I offered him the static pose behind the piano.

And completely with no connection to the above text, I post the photo of these late summer flowers from parent's garden. Just because I like them.


  1. Molto bello Irina,sembra di essere al concerto di persona.


  2. Wow! I like that you drew this at the concert. I'm sure the music inspired you.... it does the same for me.

  3. Oh how awesome, listening to a concert and sketching the vibrations you receive! I would love to have an opportunity like this one! You did a great job with details and my eyes see these row of flowers as the band of musicians, as vibrant with their color as the latter with their music:-)

  4. irina,

    you have captured a very nice picture from the concert...



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