September 24, 2010

Karin Jurick Study

30x35cm, oil pastel on craft paper
Karin Jurick's blog is one of the strongest sources of my inspiration and learning.
It started when I found Different Strokes blog and it gave me courage and friends. Then I learned how talented and clever and active and sharing she is, so I became hooked to her blog completely.
Now Karin is in 100 portraits project and once in a while posted her "work in progress" for one of the portraits. I decided to repeat and the experience gave me a lot of joy and knowledge. Join!
Thank you, Karin.

My photo of the day is this toy from the exhibition of handmade things. Do child's traits left in you, or do you feel like a grown up? I am afraid that I'm losing the child in me and it makes me sorry.


  1. Wonderful portrait! Great color and style to this one - I like the hair. Take a look at William K. Moore's portraits...his watercolor portraits are wonderful and I try to learn a bit from his work. I guess this one you did reminded me of him because of the way you did the hair :)

  2. Rhonda, thank you!
    And another thank you for the link to this so talented artist. Where do they (talents, I mean) take freedom, courage and passion to paint like that...


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