September 10, 2010

Lemon in Oil pastel Dressing

I am back to challenges offered by the enthusiasts of art, I thank them so much!
This time it is Rookiepainter's 3 weeks challenge about the lemon and its slice.

I decided to do it in oil pastel and somehow on the way I added peaches, cherries, acid background, some solvent in shadows and the result turned out as real surprise for me. But this is my motto: enjoy the process first, result second. I do.

And thank you, Jen, for this opportunity to participate and to see the works of the talents on-line.


  1. I love the additions to did! And the different techniques make this a very interesting (& striking) piece of art.

  2. Nice decision to add peaches and cherries, this turned out very attractive, I like it so much, the texture is lovely!

  3. Lemons peaches and cherries! Lovely.the colour is beautiful. I've enjoyed looking through all your pictures. So vibrant and full of life!

  4. irina,
    beautiful work of art...
    like the way in which you have used the medium...

  5. Nancie, thank you!
    Padmaja, thank you! It was an adventure..
    Alice, I am so glad you like it!
    Jyothisethu, thank you!

  6. Lovely work - and such a warm, autumn palette used for these.


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