September 21, 2010

New Challenge

Soft pastel, A3

I have not open my pastel box for a while. But when I saw the September image in Studio Atelier  (link) of Barb Benik, I realized the time did come.

I did not draw or paint for almost a ten days period. Lot of work which completely switched my mind off the creativity mode. I even did not want to start again, to take pen or brush. But the poison is already deep inside, I can not stop painting and drawing. I am back).

James Gourney is a talented painter and illustrator and dedicated blogger. Today he posted the link to the place where you could download free copies of Andrew Loomis excellent books-manuals about the art of painting, drawing, illustrating. Don't miss them!


  1. Hi Irina, wellcome to the creative mode on again :) I love the intensity of this landscape. Thanks for that link, its very interesting for me.

  2. Ciao Irina,bellissimo pastello,i colori sono luminosi e danno il senso della profondità.
    Mi piace molto.


  3. Sylvia, I also thought about you when posting that link. Now, when my mood return, beware of my super-activity).
    Franz, thank you!!! I do not speak Italian, but the message is so clear to me. Ciao!

  4. Olá, suas aquarelas são lindas, perfeitas. Boa semana pra vc. venha me conhecer também, será muito bem vinda.


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