September 6, 2010


It was my intention to participate in "Inspiration All Around Us" painting challenge (link) in August and paint the beautiful roses of Dana Marie. And I did it, but in September. So I am late for the challenge but OK for my blog.

I did not know how to draw these little white sphere shaped flowers, do not know them in English (well, in Russian, too). They usually go with roses in bouquets. I used dry synthetic brush and methodically made these rounds on wet paper. It did not feel like the right painting action,  more like nail hammering)).

Now I have plans for next entry in September. Hopefully.


  1. I really like this painting. The complementary colors create great vibration and the green leaves have a very interesting texture.

  2. Colors are glowing and the texture you created around the flowers gives out a contrast, good composition Irina. look fwd to your entry for Sept challenge!

  3. Padmaja, thank you! I hope I will have time and strong hand to paint a portrait!

  4. Good job with colors of the flowers and the "round things". I'm no gardener so I can't help with that at all! :-) I REALLY like your use of colors. Wooooo hoooooo!

    Ken B.

  5. It is very beautiful, Irina, You made a wonderful work with the shape of these roses, and the colors are delightful!


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