October 24, 2010

About this and that

This sketch was again inspired by warm Montenegro and its tasty red wine, Vranats.

Here I was trying to sketch Helsinki, but was too tired, that could not concentrate on the details, besides, the weather was foggy and the day light was going away. No good conditions for sketching for sure.

And the photo of the day is the zoom of one of my birthday flowers.
How do they call this flower????


  1. Hi Irina, nice sketch inspired by Montenegro, the wine seems better! :-)
    I do not know that flower, but you do the best wishes for your birthday!

  2. nice pictures...

    beautiful flowers...

  3. Thanks for sharing your latest works :) And Happy Birthday!! I think this is some kind of lily but I don't know the name, either.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Lovely flower that you got for your special day, happy birthday! and the details in the second sketch doesnt show any tiredness, look quite complete! The red wine in the jar looks pretty cool, may be that can be a subject for a new painting!

  6. Francesco, thank you very much!
    Jyothisethu, thank you!
    Rhonda, thank you very much! I will ask the shop girl, as I like them very much and want to know the name.
    Assumpta, Thank you!
    Padmaja, Thank you!

  7. Beautiful! Are they alstroemeria? I love those flowers, too--gorgeous image! Your watercolors are lovely, too, Irina! Thanks for visiting my blog and your photo hints.


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