October 10, 2010


My  attempts to draw faces.
The woman's face supposed to be my participation in "Inspiration All around Us" challenge (link) and the man's profile (yes, it is man!) was inspired by Boston photoblog (link). On one hand I have to inform the owner of the blog that I used his image, but on the other hand, I just can not show him this disaster...

Good news here. My friend artist Ken Barklay (link to his blog) sent me the link to great site with huge amount of information for beginners in drawing and painting. They explain the problem of face drawing with help of mathematics (link to the site). Ken, you gave me hope, thank you very much.

And photo of the day is  the sky above Montenegro, I took this shot from the bus window.


  1. Los retratos suelen ser complicados, pero creo que no vas mal, la practica lo hace todo. Animo. El enlace es estupendo. Un saludo.
    The portraits tend to be complicated, but I will not go wrong, the practice does everything. Encouragement. The link is great. A greeting.

  2. Irina, I think they are both very beautiful, I would try but I can not find the courage!


  3. Dear Irina,
    Your both works are lovely and interesting. Please never use negative and harsh adjectives on yourself. Celebrate each achievement. As far as I know, none of big names made a masterpiece from the beginning. I'm a life long learner.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  4. I totally agree with Sadami, be more gentle with yourself. Your drawings & paintings are VERY good! Every face that you draw and/or paint will teach you something new and exciting. Most of the time! ;-)

    Now if you can help me make good photos of my paintings . . . . . . ha ha ha ha

    Ken B.

  5. Both are good attempts, you will see yourself grow with more and more practice, the journey is all about growth, so take it easy!

  6. Juan Carlos, thank you, practice is the key, I agree.
    Francisco, thank you, do it!
    Sadami, thank you. It is a pleasure to get your advice.
    Ken, thank you, friend!
    Padmaja, with all your kind comments I am starting thinking I made two "almost" masterpieces)))
    Thank you, friends!


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