October 8, 2010

Montenegro again

I found lovely place near the sea and started sketching. Then fell asleep. When I woke up I realised that the sun did great job over my skin, I was burnt! Legs, arms, face (excepting the sunglasses), holes in my saldals, mark of the watch on the arm.
This is another great quality of sketching: when you look at the picture your memory shows you the impressions of the time passed. Diary without words.

The tree was in bloom and I documented it.

Do you know the color of the Adriatic sea? Look at it!


  1. Water is just gorgeous blue-green. In Finland, the water is dirty color.
    Artistic future.
    Markku Mäkelä

  2. Hi Irina.

    I have really enjoyed looking at your paintings of Montenegro - wonderfully vibrant and sunny. It's a country I know very little about - will have to Google!

  3. Markku, thank you! Moscow rivers water looks (and is) dirty too.
    Gaijin, thank you. I am glad you are interested.


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