October 5, 2010

Montenegro openhearted

Few days ago I returned from warm, welcoming, beautiful Montenegro and my posts will show the time spent there.
This sketch was not planned, I was walking down to the sea, saw the house, decided to sketch, took the chair (who left the package of plastic chairs and sunbeds on my way, I do not know) and did it. There was nobody around during the process on the usually very active street. Amazing country, full of presents.

This photo is from the last day in Herceg Novi. Two rainbows. Dividing the area in two completely different scenes: sun and blue sky behind the rainbows, scary clouds and starting rain in front of them. Amazing country, full of presents it is.


  1. Hi Irina, a beautiful watercolor, ink did you use? the effect is excellent, very
    also beautiful photography, it is easy to see a rainbow with two
    Net environment such divisions, it is the mind of the artist!


  2. Bonita acuarela Irina, el arco iris de la foto ¡impresionante!

  3. beautiful painting...
    the use of ink along with watercolor is beautiful...

    it is not easy to capture a rainbow and you have done a good work...

  4. It looks as if a huge convex lens is held against the sky.. lovely photo of a rainbow!
    The lines in the sketch are very refined and the color has added a nice dimension Irina!

  5. Very nice watercolor sketch and a great reminder of your trip. And that photo is gorgeous - I'd blow it up and put it on my wall to remember what beautiful things there are in the world.

  6. Francesco, here I use waterproof ink, Faber-Castel PITT pens, and then add color. Thank you for the comment, these two rainbows were a great surprise, never seen before such "air experiment"!
    Juan Carlos, Thank you!
    Jyothisethu, thank you, I like the ink effect too, but now start thinking of only watercolor projects, you know, like "no borders" effect:-))
    Padmaja, thank you! Drawing outdoors is a great pleasure.
    Rhonda, great idea, I will print it!


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