October 5, 2010

Montenegro Openhearted 2

This church and the seascape below are also drawn in plein-air and coloured afterwards, at home.
Today photo is the image of pottery shop, I could not leave this color feast unnoticed. I love clay pots, plates, cups, they give a warm feeling when touched. And tea tastes better from the clay cup.

I like that they kept this failed pots-to-be inside the shop, eye catching group.


  1. I love this post. You are so talented!

  2. Hey there! I really like your trees! ;-) Your drawings & paintings are really looking good. Good job.

    What is that pile of pots by the door in the last photo? They appear to be misshapen?

    Ken B.

  3. Gry, thank you!
    Ken, right, "misshappen". They put together all the pots which did not turn out right and mixed them into one big pile. Looks dramatic and fragile.

  4. I love this pottery shop, I have such a weakness for them! And, this is a lovely sketch with the brick and stone work details grabbing the attention!


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