October 7, 2010

Montenegro Openhearted 3

And then I went to Dubrovnik, Croatia, 30km away from Herceg Novi. The jewel. Founded in 7th century and being the republic in 14-18th centuries with strong influence of Venetian republic in architecture and modus vivendi.

It is interesting, how the harmony of architecture influences people living in it.

Do they notice the architecture treasures or do not care. I think that when you live in great decorations your inner self becomes harmonious too, helps to develop a special feeling for beauty.

Photos can not show how beautiful Dubrovnik is, you need to see it with your own eyes.


  1. Fantastic!Dubrovnik is beautiful!


  2. ¡Que bello país!,seguro que te dio pena tener que irte.

  3. Wow! Your sketches of the buildings are fantastic, Irina!! Your pics are also beautiful. Great work!!

  4. Dubrovnik is really beautiful...
    thanks for taking us there...
    liked the drawing also...

  5. Fabulous pictures Irina! These buildings with the arched windows are quite challenging to paint, you did a good job of the perspective on these arched windows and grills.

  6. Francesco, thank you!
    Juan Carlos, it inspires everybody's creativity.
    Manon, thank you!
    Jyothisethu, it is a pleasure to do.
    Padmaja, the details of the buildings drive me mad, actually. Good experience for my will)) I prefer big masses.

  7. lucky you irina ...your sketches and photos are wonderful to look at here .

  8. Beautiful pictures...you have a wonderful blog. :)


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