October 18, 2010

Sketching at last

All past week I was busy and could not find time for drawing (except for my drawing class still life I posted previously). And I missed it so much. So  today I post my quick sketches, it was so good to feel pen in the hand.

The upper one is the flying seed I found in the park and talked about it a lot in my Moscow blog (link).

And the second one is done in the Sushi-bar veery quickly, as I was too hungry to seek for painting perfectness. It was coloured at home. These are baby-sushis, forgot their name (weak excuse about the size...). I try to control eaten food amount. But often fail.

And photo of the day are autumn colors. Great "How-to" watercolor manual. How many tints of the colour you use in your paintings?


  1. I know how it feels to hold the brush again after a small break and your table spread made me hungry :-)Neat jobs both!

  2. Very nice work on the still live painting! And I like your seed pod, too - this time of year we look at those small things that are little gifts - like the autumn leaves and all those colors :)

  3. both pictures and the photographs are beautiful...

  4. I enjoy your art and appreciate that you share it.

    It looks like you had a great trip to Montenegro and Croatia. By coincidence, this week we have posted photos of Montenegro on our www.VivalaVoyage.com travel photo site, and last week we posted photos of the island of Hvar just off the Dalmatian Coast. We have a photos of Dubrovnik come up in the future.

  5. Beautiful sketches. I'm a sushi lover so I really like the one from the sushi bar.

  6. Irina, these sketches and photograph are very nice! :)

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  8. Padmaja, thank you!
    Rhonda, I am glad you like them!
    Jyothisethu, thank you!
    Dave, thank you! Your Montenegro photos are stunning.
    Manon, they finish so fast!
    Maria, I am glad you are here. Love your art!
    Assumpta, muchas gracias!

  9. Dear Irina,
    The sketches and the photo are very good and charming. Look forward to next.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  10. Hi Irina, Thanks for visiting my blog. I love that you have made the time to sketch and it's important to you. You have a good eye and you select interesting subjects.


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