November 20, 2010

Sketchbook pages

25x17cm Strathmore sketchbook

How do you survive when the daily routine does not leave you time for drawing and painting? So hard for me. It feels like the magic potion starts to boil inside, becoming bigger and bigger. And you HAVE TO draw or you will be blasted from inside.
I was so glad to do these sketches. The process made me quiet and happy.
The first is based on photo reference from challenge at Wetcanvas (link) few years ago.

The second one is my impression of "Kolomenskoe" park in Moscow on wet cloudy day. I also add some photos of the place.

And the third one is my tribute to the orchid on the windowsill. Why tribute? Because the orchid is still here but not for long (because it does not like my place - in the room is too cold, in the bathroom is too hot, the day is too short, the water is too much but not too often). But it is always like that. I already wrote about my complicated relationship with flowers)))
Kolomenskoe, 16-18th century


  1. Hi Irina! Beautiful Jobs! Congratulations!

    Good evening!

  2. I understand the feeling, Irina. It hapens very often to me too. Its really beautiful this bowl, and cherries!

  3. Ciao Irina, these three sketches are all nice but the first one, in my opinion, is fantastic! I feel the same as yoy, when I want to paint but for any reason I can't. Best regards.

  4. Hi Irina, the bowl of cherries just caught my eye. A beautiful painting!

    I think you struck a cord with all artists with your comments ... it's hard for anyone who doesn't paint to understand the uneasiness we feel when we can't.

  5. These sketches are so beautiful, above all the cherries, I find them so charming! Ciao!

  6. A beautiful finishing has been given to all these works Irina...I fell in love with your orchids!

  7. You are doing a masterful job in watercolors. I got all my watercolor stuff out and will begin after our Thanksgiving day celebration. Most of the kids will be here with their families to eat turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce and things like that. It is a big deal over here.

  8. Beautiful orchids -- both versions!

  9. Dear Irina,
    Lovely watercolor works, above all, the cherries catch my eyes. The colors are very attractive. Mmmm...I believe "time" can be found and made anyhow in a busy routine. For instance, while waiting for my turn to put a petrol, I sketch outside. On a queue at a toilet, I draw. Yes, I draw anything at anytime. Even a few minutes or 30 seconds quickies make me happy. Some quickies give me good ideas for bigger work at a studio. Just my experiences. Please find your own way.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  10. До чего орхидеи хороши! На фото ощущается контраст с осенью, а рисунок совсем другой, весенне-летний.

  11. Francesco, thank you so much!
    Silvia, so glad you are here, thank you!
    Tito, thank you. So it means the feeling is typical!
    Theresa, uneasiness, so right word. Thank you!
    Cristina, thank you!
    Thank you, Padmaja!
    Abe, I am so glad! I look forward to see your new watercolors!
    Pam, thank you!!
    Sadami, thank you so much for your advice and your reaction!!
    Sofia, thank you!
    Катя, как я рада!

  12. I am very familiar with that feeling that I have to draw something NOW. I carry a sketchbook in my purse for those emergencies! Your work is so unique and creative. I love the way you use colors to tell the story.

  13. irina i love the colourful cherries the textures of the bowl ...the orchids are delightful too.


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