November 9, 2010

In the Mood for Autumn

This quick sketch and photo was done at my parents' place, near Moscow.
I am hooked by outdoor drawing, when light, colors and shapes make the best drawing model. Hopefully, the weather will stay considerably warm. Otherwise I have to wait so long, as the watercolors dry so slowly when it cold...
I wanted so much to lie down on this grass bed, but did not))


  1. beautiful painting...
    it is an art to find beauty in the trivia...

  2. Lovely to see the autumn beauty in such simple and usually ignored creations of life... great observation!

  3. It's so rewarding sketching outside in this season, Irina! And your beautiful sketch reveals the fun you had in doing it, besides your talent! Ciao, Cristina

  4. Thank you Jyothisethu, you are so right!
    Thank you, Padmaja!
    Cristina, you are so kind, thank you!


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