November 29, 2010

The old man

25x18cm (10"x7") 60lb sketch paper

Very quick sketch I did yesterday while waiting for the paper to dry during my "step by step" exercise. The "step by step" is still in the process, but this old man is ready to be posted in the blog.
I experimented here with cool/warm colors. Paper (60lb) said "No!" when it realized I not only planned to draw, but also to add watercolors to this face.


  1. Very expressive!
    Irina Well done!



  2. Faces and portraits are your very strong suit, Irina. Bravo!

  3. fine attempt with very good expression and matching color selection...

    irina, visiting your blog takes me back to the time when i used to read 'soviet union' the magazine which brought beautiful paintings of the masters to our household...

    congratulations for the painting...

  4. Irina, I am curious to know the reference for this portrait.. he resembles my spiritual Guru Sai..!

  5. Irina, to me you got a very interesting result, a well done portrait with a good expression. Ciao!

  6. I'm really loving the watercolors that you're doing, Irina. This guy is great and i just saw the cherries on an earlier post and they are fantastic!!

  7. irina,

    have you ever experienced the happiness of getting comment on your blog within 4 minutes of posting?

    i had it today...


  8. Francesco, thank you!
    Casey, so great to get your reaction.
    Jyothisethu, thank you! You made me laugh))
    Padmaja, I got the image from one of my Flickr contacts two years ago. But when I went to Flickr to copy the link to the photo, the photo was removed from the author's set. So I decided to sit quiet. Though it really resembles original very well.
    Tito, thank you!
    Manon, thank you!


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