November 4, 2010

Sketching and Listening

Last Saturday I was returning from my drawing class and felt I wanted more. So when I stopped to take photos for Moscow Daily Photoblog (here) I realized I had to sketch this beautifully composed scene.
What I did not realize? That it was cold outdoors and that the architects of 18th century knew a lot about the decoration and details. So one hour later I was completely frozen and very disappointed by the number of small stuff appearing in every building))). And as I was moving from one part of the sketch to the other I used so many ... exclamations, but did not stop (crazy artists!). What can I say today? I did not get cold. And I am happy with the result.

My other sketch was done the same day, during the Concert of Russian group, which performs songs by Sri Chimnoy (wiki), and do it so very heartily. I embed Youtube, they are really nice musicians.

PS It looks like they need a decorator to improve the signboard..
PSS Drawing people is a huge problem for me. But I know how to draw a drum!


  1. I'm sorry to read that you spent a whole hour in that cold and yet couldn't add as many details as you wanted but hey, it looks terrific as it is Irina! clean, fresh and not lacking detail at all so yay! more more more please :D

  2. You did an amazing job for just an hour. I love it just the way it is and I agree with Teresa that it feels fresh!!

  3. Hi Irina, really good, just an hour of working with all the details!


  4. Lovely!, good design very fresh. Your second sketch is also good and fun. Thanks for the music I really liked the group, is good!

  5. Your music sketch reflects the way their music has reached you.. loved the details done LIVE during the concert and coming to thee first sketch, it is almost an impossible task for me to get so many details out in the cold, you did a lot of justice!

  6. Dear Irina,
    Lovely and heart warming sketch! Especially, the band members' faces are so cute. I feel your very humane view towards musicians and people. Please keep up and make us happy with your wonderful work.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  7. Teresa, thank you!
    Manon, thank you. I could stay for the details during one hour more, but is was soo cold at the end))
    Fransisco, thank you!
    Thank you, Carmen!
    Thank you, Padmaja. The musicians reached my heart very quickly, you are so true.
    Sadami, faces are not my strong point at a moment, but thank you so much for your encouraging.


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