December 17, 2010

London, p.1

A5, PITT ink, watercolor and Neocolor II wax crayons 

This cozy house was my home during my week in London. First floor. First class hospitality in welcoming city. I am so full with images I need to paint of beautiful London. I am so full with warmth I received from London. Nice weather. Gorgeous historical decorations. Smiling people. Delicious food.

I made photos of menu sheets in restaurants, I even thought about stealing the menu pages for reference when back at home. I was buying cook books. What was that? I do not know. Maybe the "stuff" word in the blog's name will get wide meaning soon. Or I am trying to keep the aftertaste of the city this way.

Why do I write about this impression of London? Well, I need to start somewhere. And to keep the fullness of London days in my heart as long as I can.

I missed you posts very much, I will read them all for sure.


  1. Hi Irina, welcome back! Loved this sketch, I like it well done!


  2. This is beautiful...

    waiting for more about London trip...

  3. Ура, ты вернулась, и судя по всему, довольна! Не скажешь, что там декабрь, похоже на март. Почти грачи прилетели. Не мало недели в Лондоне?

  4. Irina, London is one of the cities I love for its vibrancy.. this sketch is really nice, I can imagine your excitement to put down your memories in color!

  5. Hi Irina, your work brought me back of some years when I went to London several times for my work, very nice and interesting city, I miss it.
    Congratulations for this watercolor, it looks really beautiful. Ciao!

  6. I love the graphic quality of this lovely drawing Irina. My sister used to live in a house just like that in London..with the big basement windows. Happy Christmas x

  7. You sure do travel often for such a busy lady! :-) Thank you for remembering my birthday! I've decided to stop counting.

    Your "mult-media" drawing, watercolor, wax crayons and ink (I'm out of breath) painting is really cool! I like it a lot.

    Ken B.

  8. Welcome back, Irina, and let us see many other sketches of London! This is very nice! Ciao!

  9. Beautiful sketch Irina! And lucky you to go to London. But maybe I`ll go in january. If we can get someone to look after the children. Cross fingers!

    Have a nice week-end!

  10. Thank you Francesco!
    Jyothisethu, I could talk about London for hours, good my English is not that good)))
    Катя, там такая зеленая осень, вздыхаю, вспоминая..
    Padmaja, you are so right!
    Thank you, Tito. Glad I feed your memories.
    Theresa, Merry Christmas!
    Ken, thank you!!
    Cristina, thank you!
    Gry, it would be great if you manage! London worth every moment in it.

  11. Beautiful and gentle tonalities to remark the magnificent lines of the house. A new place, a new city, is like a paradise to the senses. Thanks a lot for sharing your impressions and congratulations for your work!

  12. It's a charming drawing of a place that meant a great to you, albeit for a short period of time.


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