December 18, 2010

London, p.2

It was my first time at Ronnie Scott's. Actually, first time in jazz club in London ever. So when they wrote in the terms that doors would be opened at 6 p.m., I was at my place at 6.03. But the show started only hour and a half later. What would you do? Sketch? Right answer!
I was sketching the dark scene with many microphones and drums and piano. Added color at home.
I am crazy about the art supplies shops, London was the right place to feed my passion. The sketch is toned with newly bought wax crayons, two Neocolor sticks, burnt sienna and cobalt. Too bright and heavy - if you prefer transparent watercolors, as I do.
And some London photos.
View from Kensington High Street
St. Mary Abbots


  1. The best way to spend time on hold is to make sketches wonderful as you did!
    London photos are superb!

    Ciao Irina!

  2. How did I miss that you were going to London? great photos and ain't it great to always have a sketchbook at hand?

  3. You have combined your lines and colors in a very cohesive way, nice effort Irina, the pics look fabulous, may be turned in to lovely paintings!

  4. Beautiful sketch and photos :) I know you are enjoying your visit.

  5. Good job on the rendition of the jazz club. I can't quite see you listening to jazz! :-) You keep removing your layers of mystery.

    The photos are very good to, of course! "Frosted" makes me feel cold. You've set a high standard for yourself lately, you know! :-) Hooray for Irina!

    Ken B.

  6. Great scenes of London and the Ronnie's sketch its amazing! I wonder who play that day? Sure was incredible.

  7. I really liked this post and the artwork is special. I added a drawing I did back in the 1970s to my abrahamlincolnblog.blogspot.come It was done a long time ago using a pointed red-sable brush, India ink and some water.

  8. Как красиво по цвету! Наверно, от того, что цвет добавила уже дома, впечатление удалось передать еще ярче.

  9. Hi Irina, really beautiful yours sketch and photos of London!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Ciao!! Tito.

  10. Your sketch is wonderful and pics are amazing!!
    I hope you have Merry Christmas, Irina!! See you in 2011!!! xo

  11. Francesco, thank you! The city was so kind and posed so openly.
    Teresa, thank you! I always have camera and sketchbook (so heavy.., but I just can not go out without them).
    Padmaja, thank you!
    Rhonda, every moment of it! Thank you.
    Ken, you are soo kind.
    Carraol, both the warming up group and the main hero were fantastic.
    Abe, you are great. And thank you!
    Катя, я вдруг начала чувствовать тоновые нюансы, это оно. Спасибо!
    Tito, Merry Christmas and happy new Year to you too, thank you!
    Manon, thank you so much!


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