December 22, 2010

London, p.3. Fountain pen

A5, Ink, Sketchbook

A5, Ink in sketchbook

I like when the artists of Urban Sketchers (link) use ink when drawing the city, so I wanted to try this method. Of course I miss color here, but it is great tool to learn the tones. I used Rotring fountain pen (link), bought in London. 


London. It is hard to walk around the new city without purpose. I do not mean the tourist's routes, they are another story. I mean the pleasure of walking the streets slowly, watching people and everyday life.
My plan was to mark the art supplies shops on the center's map (I am obsessed, I told you), then walk as long as possible to the marked location looking around and sightseeing.
Tate Britain

That day I happened to walk in Chelsea, along the Thames and into Tate Britain.

Tate Britain surprised me with the desks, where you could sit and copy the works of Turner in calm and quiet museum decoration.  They provide paper and pencils, you can take the result with you or keep it for visitors' observation.


  1. Dear Irina,
    Lovely drawings. Very nice. Thank for interesting photo. Did you do copying masterpieces in a museum or tate? I always do it. Qite fun and I learn lot.
    Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. That is a unique idea. Did you sketch while there? I love the photo of the doorway. So much life, beauty and movement.

  3. Sadami, I do not have "copying masters" experience. I started only 2 years ago, so many options to try for the first time... Thank you so much!
    Judy, thank you. No, I did not sketch. Before I reached Tate, I walked a lot, got tired and my concentration was low. Next time, I told myself))


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