January 23, 2011

Drawing and Cooking

EDM next, "Draw smth you have made".
Not much I do with my hands besides painting and drawing).
Cooking is hand-made stuff with combines creativity and perceptible result. So today we go into cooking. I draw the products, quickly cook them and post the photo of the result.

1. Boil separately 3-4 middle size potatoes and cup of lentil to "almost" ready state.
2. Heat the oil, stir-fry leek, add 2 cut chicken breasts, add 3 cut paprikas and fry for 10 min.
3. Add cut tomatoes (before cutting pour boiling water over tomatoes and keep it for several minutes, pour out water, easily remove tomato peel) and half glass yogurt.
4. Add 2 tea spoons of Indian spices (oh, how I love them! actually, you can take bread, water, Indian spices and the cooking will be success. Or only Indian spices)). I use this mix (link).
5. Cover the pan, cook for 15 min.
6. Add cube-cut potatoes and lentil, cook 5 min. more.
7. Add well cut dill,  parsley and chopped 2 garlic cloves, salt to taste and cook under cover for final 3 minutes.
48 min, 4 portions, 1 ink+coloured pencils drawing later:




  1. Irina, a fantastic idea to take us to the kitchen. I love it!
    I'll make this recipe as well thought out, the picture of the result seemed very tasty.
    The design of the ingredients is as fantastic as the recipe.
    Very good!

  2. Irina - you are a multi-talented woman! I just discovered this blog and next I will explore you Georgia section! I love how you combined a drawing of the ingredients, the recipe and then the scrumptious end result! I wish I could just snap my fingers and magically appear to join you for a plate of your yummy chicken, potato and dill creation!
    Cheers from your fellow CDP blogger buddy in Minnesota
    Dasvadanya tavarish

  3. Greetings from Washington state USA! Wonderful blog Irina! So interesting to experience a bit of life in Moscow through your eyes and creative talents!

  4. I love the drawing of the ingredients, they would look good in a cooking book. I will try to make this chicken, potato, lentilles...I looove spices and most of all garlic. Looks delicious. Ciao irina

  5. This is a fun post! I must try this now that I see the beauty!

  6. Отлично ты придумала! Вот бы такую книгу рисованных рецептов:) А готовое блюдо нарисовать? Или не до рисования, когда ОНО дымится перед носом?))

  7. Nil, thank you. Please promise to write me if you like the recipe and result)
    Francesco, thank you!
    Leif, you are too kind!
    Robin, thank you and welcome!
    Thank you, Jane! The key in this cooking is Indian spices!
    Judy, thank you! Tell me about the results.
    Teresa, thank you, friend!
    Катя, Да! Уже были попытки рисовать готовое, смогла только один раз, с нечеловеческим напряжением воли)))


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