January 19, 2011

From the Window

EDM challenge (#next) (link). Draw what you see from the window.

I love this city.
I like its churches and gardens and curved streets and chaotic mix of architectural styles, shapes, colors. My special places. Here I took a walk when I was in love. There I was excited by the domes shining in the sun. Here I was sitting in the cafe with my friends. There the city showed me its secret treasures.
But more and more I start hating it.
The rudeness of the car drivers, the disappearance of the small shops and historical buildings, gray unsmiling faces and clothes, unreal prices, the feeling of total exposure, ignorance and cupidity. And no sign of the change for the better. And less and less oxygen, literally and figuratively.

Now let's look at blue sky of 2010.
Summer ending in Moscow

Summer ending in Dubrovnik


  1. Lovely watercolor sketch, Irina. I know what you mean about having mixed feelings about your city. I feel the same way. A lot of buildings that should be preserved get imploded. We're trying to develop the downtown area with funky little shops and art galleries - a cool arts district. I hope it's a success.

  2. Lovely painting. I think these feelings are universal. I know them well, my friend. The photos are a beautiful slice of summertime.

  3. It isn't only in the cities that people are cheerless it seems. We live near a small town of 420-something for almost 4 years and haven't made what we would call "true friends". Amazing. We have acquaintances but not people we could depend upon to look after our house if we go away.

    Cheer up, though! You've got your blogger friends who admire your art, your photographs and your kind and gentle spirit!

    Ken B.

  4. Dear Irina. You have got quite an interesting view from your window, but i can understand your feelings about your city...I think they are shared by most people living in a big city. It might not be a great consolation...but you are not alone.

  5. The flower looks like what we call Cleome. I like the rest of the post too.

  6. beautiful pictures irina! waterfront is always a weakness for the admirer of beauty in me...


    happy to receive a comment which arrived very fast...

  7. All cities are alike, even here it is exactly the things you say.
    Congratulations on your sketch and beautiful photos!

    Ciao Irina!

  8. The view from the window is lovely, you have covered a vast area in a small frame and that is challenging.. well, the world and life in general in getting commercialized in cities and I see selfishness most of the time.. may be it is the survival of the fittest!

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  10. The summer flower from Moscow looks like an alien... Random or a metaphor I wonder?

  11. Even though you have mixed feelings about the city you have portrayed it in a good light with a lovely sketch.

  12. Candy, sounds like you do great work, good luck!
    Judy, thank you!
    Ken, thank you! There are 4 (!) flats on the floor of our apartment building, where recently I met a neighbor, "Oh, we have new tenant" - he said, looking at me and being very nice. I smiled back: "Yes, already for 7 years".))))
    Jane, thank you, your comments really encourage.
    Abe, thank you!
    Jyothisethu, thank you!
    Francesco, thank you!
    Padmaja, thank you. Never thought about it your way, I like the idea.
    Gry, you look too deep))
    Jean, thank you!


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