January 10, 2011

Need to Share

Oscar Grillo
Today, on Sunday,  I want to share my discoveries of this week. Perhaps you have long knew about them. Maybe not. Good if the information will be useful for you.

Oscar Grillo (link), artist, whose blogposts I wait every day. He is well known for his animation work on adverts and he also won a Golden Palm award for his animation. Each new sketch - joy and discovery. I think, he is genius.

Today I bought the book by Julia Cameron, "The artist's Way" (Amazon link). I read it in e-version two years ago. The book found me, when I had to make very important decisions, when I needed its power, courage and creativity. So when I saw it on paper, I decided to buy it at once. I recommend to read it to any creative person, it will inspire you and make you stronger.

Z.Serebriakova (1884-1967)
A few days ago I went to the exhibition of Zinaida Serebryakova (1884-1967), famous Russian artist. So very interesting.
And few thoughts: I noticed that she made a thick outline when drawing the human body.
I noticed that bright and cheerful painting style of her youth darkens and becomes harder with time, after she becomes a widow with 4 children in Soviet Russia.
And she divinely rubs pastels in portraits.
Wiki about the artist.
Her paintings.

I will try to post my Sunday treasures-sharing posts on regularly basis.


  1. Some food for my thoughts here Irina, thanks for the amazon link, I may need it now!

  2. Thanks for these interesting links, Irina. I will spend time later on, at home, to enjoy them, a pleasure!.

  3. Padmaja, I highly recommend it for reading.
    Silvia, good if they are interesting for you.

  4. I am not a genius but I am very happy for being in your lovely blog!!! All the best, Irina!


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