February 8, 2011


Two attempts to draw the bird helped me to survive difficult work project this week-end. One bird was drawn when the wishful result seemed very doubtful. The other bird happened when I realized that in spite of all "symptoms" the work will be done in time and in good quality.
I wonder if you see the difference as I see it. The first posted image is more relaxing and free (it was done later in time, turned better and I post it as marketing lead))), the second posted image - when I was tension and nerve.
Drawing is great antidepressant. When mixed with watercolors.


  1. Me gustan esto pájaros, pero más la segunda imagen. Un saludo.
    I like this bird, but the second image. A greeting.

  2. The second is more beautiful!
    Irina, but what they have eaten?:-))))

    Ciao,a hug!

  3. Both are beautiful!! I do like the second one!!
    Painting is most definitely therapeutic....mixed with acrylics also!! : ))

  4. Hi Irina, both paintings are lush and loose. Just the right colors...great!

  5. such a beautiful touch you have with these birds. Great color harmonies and lines.
    Yes, painting is like prozac for the soul!!

  6. Irina, the two interpretations have strengths.
    The first is with a more intense color and vibrant, the second is with a more harmonious fusion of colors.
    My opinion is that it was worth the work.
    Congratulations, I liked two daqs

  7. I like both and think both are beautifully painted. One loose, one tighter and more detailed. I can't choose which I like best :) I'm glad you let go of some of the stress!

  8. Irina thank you so much for your sweet comment on my last post " The little Girl etc... and thank you for the lovely photos of your niece. Some of the photos would be nice to draw/paint, they are so cute.
    I like very much your second bird, he has got a funny expression , too!

  9. Both are charming!
    Greetings from New York.

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  11. Hi Irina, to me both are nice, even if I prefer the first one. I agree with you, painting is a great antidepressant.....and more free you are in painting....more effective is! Ciao!

  12. Wonderful
    thank you for sharing

  13. I can see the difference but I wouldn't have known why. I like them both. I'm glad to see this blog of yours!

  14. Dear Irina,
    Just do relax and have fun in painting. That's all I can say. I love both. My good work is a coincidence. Nearly an accidence. Yet it reflects a heart. So be happy and enjoy is my mantra.
    Cheers, Sadami

  15. nice read, nice paintings and beautiful sute, well done


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