February 5, 2011

Learning from Masters

This sketch is my attempt to repeat the composition and values of the photo of my Mexican friend Carraol (his photo blog is here, every photo is a treasure, plus the music choice is fantastic).

This sketch is also the copy of watercolor sketch I saved to my desktop year ago. That time the drawing and the color choices of the original seemed perfect (and still are!) and unreachable. Now (one year later) I have courage to try to repeat it. Please visit the blog of the author of the original, Yann Lesacher, French painter and illustrator.

And two London views today.
Greenwich, November 2010 
Regent's Canal, London, November 2010


  1. Great work, perfect sketch! I saw the picture of your friend and I entered in her blog! Excellent photographer!
    Ciao Irina,have i nice sunday!

  2. These are both well done. I really like the drawing - those darks pull you in.

  3. I like your sketches, very much. Gives me lots of inspiration.

  4. I love your sketching Old-Moscow photos. Architecture from the czars' era is unparalleled. I'm with Mr. Lincoln. Very inspiring.

    Your vanity tag on a car could be "I PAINT"

  5. Irina congratulations, look great both the pencil as watercolor.
    That's right, the learning never ends.
    Wonderful photos full of poetry.

  6. Wonderful, Irina! I love them both!

  7. It's really nice that your sketch is included in Carraol's blog. It's a good subject and well done.

    Talk to you later!

    Ken B.

  8. This is such a serene picture.

  9. wonderful sketch Irina! Come on, a watercolor would be fantastic too.


  10. I'm honored with this great sketch of my shot, both are splendid and the pictures of London in these soft tones transmits peace and beauty!
    Thanks again for the link and for your most kind words.

  11. The sketches are lovely Irina and not to forget the beautiful pics of London you have shared! Now I am checking out the link..

  12. Francesco, thank you! I am glad that you liked the links.
    Rhonda, thank you!
    Abe, I am so glad!
    Jan, "I, free spirit, paint"))) Thank you!
    Nil, thank you!
    Judy, I am so glad!
    Ken, thank you!
    Jane, the weather was fantastic in London, who could guess??
    Noemi, I love the idea, thank you!
    Carraol, thank you!
    Padmaja, thank you!

  13. Irina - have enjoyed your blog - lucky you - the traveler. Photographs are exquisite. Photography is one of my favorite art forms - don't overlook it. You are a natural!


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