February 1, 2011

Sketching Moscow

A5, PITT ink-pen, watercolors

The traffic jams have some positive points. My favorite one is the ability to look around and see the city details. And then, when time allows, to return and sketch, trying to catch the composition arranged by the city itself.
I also post the photo of the original scene. Please do not compare))). The truth is in the painter's eyes!


  1. А я как раз подумала (посмотрев на превьюшку, и еще не видя фотографии), что похоже на сильно доведенное по цвету и тону фото. Небо красивое!

  2. An excellent interpretation, artist's eyes are like this,any situation is the time to see art.
    Irina, I went to the kitchen and made her recipe
    was a delight, and it was very easy to do.
    Super hug!

  3. How wonderful! This is a great job, congratulations Irina!

  4. This is a very nice sketch Irina, so silmilar to the "original", excellent urban sketch.

  5. Hi, I am so pleased you commented on my blog. I am adding you to the blog roll so we can keep in touch with our painting adventures.
    Wonderful painting of the square. Looking forward to more paintings!

  6. Your creative interpretation of what you saw is amazing, the details tell a lot about your attempt Irina!

  7. The conversion of reality in a piece of art is always appealing to humans, I guess is a way to approach magic or for believers, to divinity. Of course, your beautiful sketch look more real of the original scene!
    Thanks a lot for your kind words but I'm not talented using oils & canvas, I wish I could. I'm just in the process of learning to see thru the lens.

  8. Катя, я ж не умею "доводить", моя кнопка - "автоконтраст"))).
    Nil, thank you!
    Francesco, thank you for your always positive reaction!
    Jane, thank you!
    Tim, you are so kind!
    Cathy, welcome and thank you!
    Padmaya, thank you!
    Carraol, do not be shy, you are the master!

  9. Wonderful
    thank you for sharing


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