March 20, 2011

20 minute paintings/drawings

My fast works of the past week. I will be back to blogging after 5th April when the big project will be terminated.
Meanwhile  my quick sketches which help me to remember the joy of painting.
Tools - EDM list of  "Draw this week" tasks: Draw something Dad's. Oh, I did  the 20th challenge from list of 313 tasks... I added phone charger and persimmon for the composition. Not sure if it helped.

Red-blue abstract - #21 of the same challenge, The task was to draw something antique, but I had nothing at my place, so the doll of Russian fire-bird was chosen. Some day I will show you the photo just to make clear how the bird looks in reality)).

Flowers and tiger toy at Mom's birthday. Very quick.
Behind and under the tiger - I tried to draw anything I could see around.

The squirrel. I am a bit obsessed with drawing squirrels and birds, you know.
This one was drawn in bad evening light with one hand on the keyboard, checking mail-box. Its ears remind you the wings of the pigeon? Flying squirrel? I wanted to make fur looking furry))

I see your posts and they inspire me so much, you are so talented and do miracles with your brushes, hands and hearts.


  1. Excelentes trabajos Irina. Me encanta la acuarela de la ardilla y el dibujo del tigre.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Always good to keep the hands busy, I like them all, but specially the one with all the tools, quite original subjects, they really show how much you just wanted to sketch/draw/paint!

  3. That squirrel looks familiar!

  4. Hello Irina,
    Thank you for becoming my reader.
    Also I will make your reader.
    I liked their work, they are very spontaneous.
    I admire the Russian artists. You've got great musicians, painters and writers!


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