March 7, 2011


New portrait. I love doing faces. Here I was experimenting with colors, using reds as dark tones. Then realizing that reds make the face expression ill and neurotic. Good that it was oil pastels, I can correct damage. Partly.
Good that the guy will never recognize himself)) Three hours work, felt so tired when finished.

I realized that I often forget to press "Follow" button, when meet new interesting blogs. The reason is simple. I subscribe in Google Reader and enjoy the pleasure of reading, but completely forget how important it is, specially in the beginning, to see your followers, to see how the number grows in time, proving that your blog moves in the right direction. Sorry about that, I will be more attentive.


  1. Irina I see that you are trying to make up for the time "lost", being too busy to paint, but I am glad you do!! And I like your painting a lot, I think he is looking more like someone who gave up, than someone looking ill.
    ( Or maybe he is ill, that's why he gave up!! :-)) ) A very nice portrait.

  2. Very good portrait, you are always best!
    Ciao Irina!!

  3. I'm really enjoying your faces, I see a quite remarkable identity in them.
    Is on the way, congratulations

  4. До чего хорош! А глаза!


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