March 2, 2011

Rookiepainter's challenge

Rookiepainter's challenge offers to draw mugs this month. And I was so glad to do this quick sketch in the evening, to participate in the challenge and to remind myself that I love painting, just too busy to do it.
I miss so much my every evening read of your blogs.


  1. My dear beautiful mugs.
    No matter the time and yes love.
    Thanks you for share.

  2. Dear Irina, glad to hear news from you again, I see that you didn't "loose your hand", even if it has been a while, your mugs are wonderful , the surface looks so smooth and shining. Hope to "see" you soon again.

  3. Hi Irina, your mugs looks very nice, colors and lights are perfect. We know you are not worry. Ciao!

  4. Wow, you "nailed" this subject(s)! So very glad you were able to be "unbusy" enough to show us your work!

    Be nice and don't keep us waiting for more! :-)

    Ken B.

  5. How fun to scroll through your blog and see all your wonderful artwork. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be sure to visit again.


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