March 6, 2011


The friends of my parents brought this seashell from Cuba, where they work 40 years ago, and this present was kept as family treasure for all these years. When I was a little girl I liked to put it close to my ear and listen to the sea waves inside this rose pearl color magical thing. Few days ago when at my parents I decided to immortalize it. So said so done.

Few days ago Rhonda Carpenter pointed how to solve the problem of disappearing thumbnails in the sidebar. I was lightheaded and ignored so important information till the moment when I realized that my masterpieces are not visible in my friends' blogs and my glory fades because Google improved something.
So I followed Rhonda's clear instructions and voila! things are like they used to be. I am the "HTML star" now.
Thank you, Rhonda!


  1. La conchiglia è bellissima,complimenti Irina!!

  2. This is an important painting being the one of a family treasure, and you did an excellent job, the sketching is great, too.

  3. Yes....that is a conch shell! I also have one and can blow it to get a beautiful sound!! : ))) Great piece, Irina!!

  4. Cool shell Even cooler painting!

  5. Well done Irina! The shell is "super" and the sketch really nice. Ciao.

  6. What a gorgeous series Irina.
    Beautiful shells and colors very well used.

  7. irina ....this is lovely ...i used to love to listen to the sea as a child in a shell very similar to this one .


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