March 9, 2011

Tonal Values Study

Studio Atelier (link) has posted great image for March challenge. How to draw white on white on almost white? Difficult. But so interesting.
We had 3 days holidays, I painted, but this hunger is hard to feed up...

These fantastic guys helped me during the painting, please enjoy!
I love music, I never managed to listen to music and do work at the same time. The combination works only with painting.

And thank you so much for your kindest comments, you give me energy and power to go on. Thank you!


  1. Painting or drawing is all about shadows and that is the only way I can paint anything or draw anything. I will have to show you soon how used to teach drawing.

    Your watercolor is very good. You chose a most difficult subject.

  2. You did a terrific job on this subject. I haven't done this challenge because I don't even know where to start! You did the shadows & light perfectly, love the curtain behind & all the color you added. The strawberries look good enough to eat!

  3. What a lovely relaxed atmosphere, beautiful painting. Love the romantic cup:-)

  4. Esta acuarela llama mucho mi atención, las fresas en el vaso, la bolsita de infusión, los detalles de esa taza. Precioso Irina. Un saludo

    This watercolor called my attention, strawberries in the glass, the infusion bag, the details of that cup. Beautiful Irina. Greetings

  5. Preciosa acuarela Irina. Has logrado una gran armonía de color.

  6. Hi Irina, I was blog hopping around and ran across yours and have decided to follow. You did a good job on this one of the glass especially. Your shadows are very good. Thanks for the link to the studio atelier, that looks like a fun challenging group.

  7. Irina was wonderful that the cup porcelain delicacy.

  8. Irina, you did a great job on this! I love it!

  9. Beautiful job, Irina! I think, if it were mine, I'd add a string to the teabag to show it more easily (at first I saw a tilted white vase or cup of some kind). Beautiful colors and the strawberries in the glass are so well done.

  10. Tom me, this "still life" were not an easy subject at all, I think, you did it well, Irina. Ciao!
    Ps : I like to listen music too, when i'm painting.

  11. very romantic compostion, beautiful still life :) the straberry's are flawless !

  12. Hi Irina, a blog challenge! I will have to check it out. 3 day holiday to paint, how lucky..Painting white is always super tricky, you did a great job on your still life. I never have the restraint to pull off white:)

  13. I looked at this challenge and thought I could not manage! You have handled it very beautifully Irina! Loved the cup and the saucer the best!

  14. beautiful painting Irina, love the whites.

  15. Abe, thank you so much. I feel I have to go back to Ohio for the lessons.
    Nancie, thank you! The bicycle (posted about three weeks ago) gave me courage to do this white challenge.
    Jane, thank you!
    Carlos, thank you!
    Kubi, thank you!
    Christine, be my guest!
    Nil, thank you!
    Candy, I am so pleased!
    Rhonda, thank you for the advice!
    Tito, thank you!
    Dinamite, welcome!
    Cathy, thank you so much!
    Padmaja, it was total nice surprise for me how the white cup turned out. Thank you.
    Sidmar, thank you!
    Skizo, welcome!
    Mary, thank you!!

  16. Wonderful work, you have a spectacular way to paint watercolor congratulations, , greetings


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