April 23, 2011

About This and That

I am going on with EDM drawing challenges and here is my coat (#23"Draw a piece of cloth").

I also post the bird and the landscape. I did them before the coat and sketches show how tension of office work loosens with every new attempt to draw.

Besides, in my drawing class I try oils for the first time. And, as soon as the painting is finished I post it here and write about my oil paints impressions, oil whites, bristle brushes, smell and color intensity and texture.

Meanwhile the orchid near the window decided that it was time to bloom. I still confused about how to manage flowers. When I watch them, feed them and care - they are trying to die. When I completely forget them and offer Spartan "cactus" way of life, they decide to bloom. Nobody can understand that flowers!
The bird was inspired by FANTASTIC "My Birds Blog" (link) of Abraham Lincoln (yes, they are relatives with the president), the name of the bird was Baltimore Oriole.
Landscape inspired by the photo saved to the computer desktop hundred years ago.
Feels so right to have time for drawing! It makes me happy. 


  1. Excelentes trabajos Irina. Me gusta mucho el de la gabardina o abrigo. Se te nota un gran avance, en todo, composición, color y sobre todo el manejo del agua. Enhorabuena y sigue regalándonos con tu arte.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Wow,beautiful paintings Irina,congrats!
    Happy Easter for you and yours!


  3. Great sketching Irina, I love your coat just hanging there, I don't know why, but it made me laugh.
    I am curious to hear about your impression with oil painting, and looking forward to see it. Happy Easter !

  4. I am very impressed with what you shared today! And, isnt there a lesson to learn from that beautiful orchid!

  5. These made you happy to create them and that happiness is now our's because you shared them with us - beautiful work! I especially like the delicacy of the landscape :)

  6. Hello Irina,
    I really liked of his watercolors!
    The leather jacket hanging is excellent, it is leather!
    A hug from Brazil

  7. Beautiful sketches, Irina. I like landscape the most whith those delicate colours.
    I've never painted on canvas and I am curious about your results/feel when you finish your painting.

  8. Great sketches, its very interesting testify the process of learning. Love the landscape! Saludos.

  9. Beautiful sketches Irina. I like your coat....and the bird too! Ciao!

  10. Dear Irina,
    Enjoy oil and watercolor! Look forward to your new post on the oild, too.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  11. Irina, these are lovely. Your story about offering the orchid a Spartan "cactus" life made me laugh. Isn't that the way it is with so many things in life? I'm constantly surprised by the way things turn out:)

  12. Irina, the texture on the wood behind the coat is so natural. Great work and a great blog.

  13. Friends, thank you sooo much!

  14. Orchids are difficult to grow in South Africa but I have noticed that cactus plants flower when you forget about them and they go without water for a while.

    Well done the coat and bird are difficult subjects to paint.


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