April 20, 2011


I want to post these sketchbook pages just to let you know that I am still here, I read your great blogs and soon will be back to blogging.
Meanwhile I am still busy with off-line agenda.
The leaves sketch is the study during short break in work schedule.
Hanging lady has gallows drama in her pose, but it is just a doll-mascot in my car. I was trying to make her to turn head for better composition, but she refused. And yes, she is witch, flying on drumstick. And we both like speed very much))


  1. Dear Irina, these two sketches are really delicious, I like the hanging lady! Ciao!

  2. Irina good to hear from you, I love your disobeying witch.

  3. Very pretty sketches! Now you have told a tale on yourself!! I like it. ;)

  4. Great sketches, I especially like the leaves but the hanging witch is pretty cool - whimsical and fun and that bright red hair!!

  5. Irina: preciosos y divertidos bocetos, sobre todo el de la pequeña bruja. Me gustan mucho.
    Un abrazo.

  6. Dear Irina,
    The lovely sketches show how hard you work. Just take it easy. Good and true friends will never forget a friend. Look forward to your smile. Happy Easter!!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  7. I like your sketches very much.

  8. Silvia, thank you! I am very much impressed by your watercolor progress, congrats!
    Tito, you are so kind!
    Jane, she is always like that!
    Rhonda, I saw her in Prague, in ecological toys shop and it was love from first glance. Thank you!
    Judy, so glad you are here!
    Kubi, thank you!
    Sadami, thank you! Happy Easter!
    Carol, thank you and welcome!


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