April 15, 2011

Tools of the Trade

I promised to show you my drawing kit in my previous post. Here it is.
From left to right:
Bee paper company heavyweight drawing paper (very friendly to watercolor!);
PITT waterproof sepia pens;
Zipped tools holder;
Pieces of paper for color mixing;
Photo of Levitan's genial drawing of the sunny wood (one day I will draw copy of it);
Frame which helps to find right composition, very handy;
Paper towel, used;
Yarka tube paints in Cotman field box;
Metal box full of treasures (Aquabrush, Mechanical pencil, eraser, brush, Rotring ink pen and extra ink containers);
Water spray bottle (to wet paints);
Dried piece of  sponge to clean my palette.

Rather heavy!

As I am still busy in the office, my painting and drawing are in frozen state and the only work I can show you is the portrait I did in the drawing class with live model (only smth really important can stop me from going to drawing class)).
It was the most interesting experience, to study facial shapes, shadows and light. And of course this beautiful girl looks so very different in real life. Why do lesson's works usually look so dead??? 


  1. Hi Irina, it is always interesting to see other artists working tools, thank you for sharing. And your portrait looks good to me, the proportions of the features are perfect, the shades too...enjoy, don't be too hard on yourself :-)

  2. I think you did a great job on this portrait and it is always more challenging to do it live than with a reference picture.. your tools seem to make a neat set!

  3. Ooooooh tools! I love to see these, preeeeciouuuusssss!

  4. LOL! Teresa's comment echos mine, my preeeciouuussss, when I see tools and stuff. I think I collect more tools and supplies than I can use in this lifetime, and I am sure I am not the only one. By the way, you asked what I painted my Swinging Girl with, and the answer is Oils. I find they work better with fabric that is flowing.

  5. Hi Irina,
    Nice tools! Your portrait drawing is lovely!

  6. I followed your link to see your cardboard frame--- looks like a great idea.
    Fun too-- to see all your tools!!!!


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