May 21, 2011

Dior in Moscow

Few days ago I went to exhibition "Dior in Moscow". This sketch is from the exhibition place.
First impression: form is trying to fool me and do its best to become content. But in Dior's interpretation it looks so stylish and beautiful.
Second impression: these dresses are true works of art, talented and full of master's energy.
Third and last impression, which arrived much later: it was like drinking champaign on the corn field (I mean my life and clothes in the city and 2 hours at Dior's exhibition). 

 And here is another little battle over watercolor. It still holds the fort. But I am very insistent.

And the photo of true perfectness. It makes me want to bow low to Nature's creativity)))


  1. Hi Irina!
    I love your sketch of the Dior exhibition! Watercolour is great too! And nothing can beat nature in its creativity!

  2. The Dior exhibition must have been so interesting, great sketch. Watercolor is a struggle but that is why we like it....we want to conquer!! And as a true plant/green lover I can only agree with you , miracles happen :-))) Wish you a great weekend.

  3. I could get a feel of the Dior Exhibition from this sketch, it is a bold attempt. Yes, the struggle to excel with water color push you for a next assignment!
    Creativity at its best with this green magic, I feel so humble in front of this master creator!

  4. Lovely work Irina , love them both.


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