May 29, 2011

EDM #25

23x15cm, Watercolor pencils

EDM #25 Draw a glass (the kind you drink from). Voila!
One more thing among great advantages of EDM challenges is the development of the habit for life drawing. Suddenly you just start realizing how 3D the real glass is felt in comparison to glass from the 2D photo.   

The summer happened suddenly after 10 days of the spring. The proofs for your attention are below.
Green is my favorite color, together with gold of the sun and blue of the sky it makes the best combination possible.


  1. Great drawing, Irina! It's true, 3D is totally different experience. Enjoy the sun!

  2. Something must have happened to the comment I already made, who knows where it went?! But I like this transparence against the very strong background, light versus heavy. Great!


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