May 14, 2011


I want to take this opportunity and thank Blogger for the excellent free service it provides during my 2,5 years in virtual world. Today I really missed my everyday internet activity. On the other hand Blogger helped again - I went outdoors in my spare time).  Blogger is great in any way!

This is EDM#24, draw a piece of fruit. Grapes were problem since my drawing class work (link here), when I painted them "artichoke" way and completely ruined the painting. It was 1 year ago. And I see progress here. But I see the "into the watercolor" road ahead, long and interesting, too.

Little tip how to make your watercolor shine: Photoshop. Image - Auto Constrast. Then: Filter-Sharpen-Smart Sharpen (Amount 55%, Radius 3,4 - my defaults). And Voila! Turner and Monet can not believe that such juicy colors are possible.
Wish you nice week-end!


  1. A lots of progress, shadows and light here, beautiful still life. We never stop to learn with watercolor, always something to discover, it's magic !

  2. Irina I went outside too, and my tan is really improving!! So as somebody says, there is nothing so bad , that it isn't good for something :-)
    I really like your still life, the colors are very special, very nice composition.

  3. Irina, you have some lovely colors here and you did a great job layering! This is a very pretty still life!

  4. It is very very beautiful Irina, I am happy that you could see the progress in is such a lovely journey!
    Yes, photoshop is such a wonder!

  5. Irina, I looked at your older work, and the grapes it this painting are much livelier-they look delicious! I think the perspective in this work is also much better, as the fruit looks natural resting on the plate.

    I do my art with my camera, but I once took a drawing class which was a great help in my photography: it made me pay closer attention to how things looked and how the lighting affected them.

    Thanks for the comment; I considered only including the one leaf, but now I'm glad I left it's friend in, as well!

  6. Irina, it is now long time that i'm following your blog and let me say that you have improved significantly your work. This still life watercolor has a nice composition and beautiful colors. Ciaooo!

  7. Ficou linda sua pintura. tenha um bom Domingo. Marta

  8. Hello Irina,
    aqurelas and really liked the design of the foot done with pen and wash.
    The still life is light, tasty!
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your work.

  9. Lydie, I agree, it is very difficult but very interesting road!
    Thank you Jane, glad to meet another optimist here))
    Candy, thank you so much!
    Padmaja, glad to see you here, thank you!
    Thank you Dimple! When I paint my heart becomes full with calm and peace, I love the feeling.
    Ciao, Tito! And thank you so much.
    Marta, thank you! My warmest Sunday greetings to you too!
    Antonio, thank you!!!

  10. Irina never give in we can stop and why it should not come out, we are always learning and we can not feel satisfied.
    I liked this composition and colors you used, knowledge and training these are the secrets.


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