May 22, 2011

Last day of the world again

While sketching this view from the cafe window, I ate Panacotta and drank huge glass of blueberries shake. But who would care about extra kilo, if they announced the end of the world would start several hours later?? (It was sketched on 21st May).


  1. You got a beautiful view from there! Well, if each day is spent as if it was our last day on this earth, the quality of life would dramatically improve :-)

  2. I must agree with padmaja. Well said. I enjoy seeing your work so it is good to know you will be here to sketch again even if you may be a kilo more in size.

  3. Well, we are still standing, hope you don't regret too much the panna cotta today :-) Very nice sketch , great colors. A part from that I agree with Padmaja.
    Have a nice week Irina

  4. jajajajajaja... Good post; beautiful images.


  5. Irina, what I call combine the pleasures of eating and paint :)
    She was very beautiful with very harmonious colors.

  6. Excellente
    Tank you for sharing

  7. Padmaja, too idealistic thought, I am afraid))
    Judy, I hope only ONE kilo)))
    Jane, no regrets! Thank you very much!
    Yulendys, I am glad you like it.
    Nil, thank you, we often forget to enjoy pleasures of life!
    BrandNewStudio, thank you!

  8. Irina, this is fantastic! I love your sketching and will be back when I have more time to browse through more of your work! Wow, a fantastic creative side of you I never realized existed. I love this blogging, we really get to know one another and I sure hope that one day our paths cross.

    Have a great weekend! And you're right... what's a kilo or two? The world still turns and I find that when I'm starving I'm not nearly as productive! :-)


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