May 6, 2011

New green everywhere

How to memorize every new spring day, fresh yellow-green of the trees, birds singing over the noises of the city? Draw and paint, make photos, enjoy every moment of today.

Up here I put pencil marks, then watercolor and finished with ink (contrary to my usual order when ink goes first and then I add color). Next time I want to exclude pencil, to concentrate on color spots. It was quick plein air, when I was in nature adoration mood (not my usual type of behavior).

Down here my other sketches from the recent trip to the country.

I also want to share with you my latest finds (maybe old news for you), art blogs, which inspire so intensively to paint and to create.

Kleurrijk watercolors. Watercolor artist from the Netherlands. She manages to combine juicy bold colors with transparency and air of the medium and I like it so much.
Dreama Tolle Perry.This blog is the color feast, so full of joy and sun and movement.
Ladies, you are so talented.


  1. I love your approach in that image adding the inks in the last step and look forward your next one without pencils, I bet it'll look really fresh and expressive. Happy spring Irina! :)

  2. Hi Irina,
    I came over from Dina's blog. I like your artwork very much!

  3. The ink splashes on the watercolor looks exotic andadds value to the composition, good to be in the mood for spring time!

  4. Very, very beautiful Watercolors!

  5. Teresa, thank you! I like control, so no pencil will be new challenge)).
    Dimple, thank you, be my guest!
    Padmaja, I am so happy to see new green on the trees at last!
    Antonio, you are so kind!


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